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TAM clarifies on weekly/monthly ratings rollout
08-06-2013, 10:33 PM
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TAM clarifies on weekly/monthly ratings rollout
MUMBAI: One stakeholder to be quite
delighted with the fact that advertisers,
broadcasters and agencies have sorted out
their differences on TV ratings is undoubtedly
TAM Media Research which has been at the
centre of the entire controversy. The ratings
agency sent out a note late 25 July evening
which has a spokesperson saying: “TAM is
happy to receive a common brief from the
three Industry Stakeholders (IBF, ISA and AAAI)
and will work very closely with them to ensure
its smooth roll out.”
The note goes on to describe how the ratings
solution will work in the real world in terms of
data delivery. Three software pipelines are in
the process of being put in place: an official
industry software called Media Xpress Platinum
and another two customised/optional software
options called Media Xpress Gold and Media
Xpress Silver. Until these roll out, the existing
Media Xpress will be provided to TAM
subscribers with TVR percentage and GRPs
percentage data.
The Media Xpress Platinum software has to be
created afresh and is expected to be made
available to all subscribers who want to
download it by end August first week
September. It will have all TV channels
viewerships expressed as an average of four
weeks data. The latter will be released every
with the rolled up average of the present
week’s along with the previous three week’s
data. Ratings in this version will be expressed
only as TVT 000’s (TV ratings in thousands) and
analysis will be possible only on a day-part
level. No individual/specific program level data
will be available for reporting.
The Media Xpress Gold customized/optional
software, which will be made available by 8
August, however, will have all TV channels
reported on a weekly basis with data being
released weekly. It is meant for internal
analysis, says TAM, and not to be put out in
the media/public domain.
The user will get access to the software only
after signing an NDA with ISA-IBF-AAI jointly.
This data will have ratings data expressed in
TVT 000’s as well as TVR per centages. This
software will have all the analysis possible at a
day-part as well as individual program level,
including minute to minute program and ad
data. It will have also have the facility to
import ad spots for media agencies/advertisers
to evaluate ad plans executed.
It will be released on a customized basis for
those subscribers like agencies/advertisers (and
also broadcasters who have not opted out of
the reporting of TVR% data presently). It will
work exactly like the earlier Media Xpress with
all functionalities available for the planner/
buyer, says TAM
The Media Xpress Silver option is expected to
be deployed by 8 August with TV channels
being reported on weekly, with data expressed
in TVT 000’s, being released weekly. Users will
be able to use the software to do analysis at a
day-part as well as individual program level,
including ability to drill down to individual
program’s minute data on a specific day.
It will have the facility to import the program
promos for broadcasters to evaluate the
program promo plans and also the ad logs. It
will be released on a customized basis for
those subscribers (primarily Broadcasters) who
have opted out of the reporting of TVR% data.
TAM has clarified that all subscribers will be
given the Media Xpress Platinum Software. To
subscribe to Media Xpress Gold and Silver
additionally, they will have to take the
following steps, TAM sasys: (a) The subscriber
will have to sign a NDA with TAM stating that
the usage of Media Xpress Gold (with TVR%)
customized Software is strictly for internal
analysis purpose and not for any public usage
of the data. (b) Incase of non-signing of the
NDA, TAM will not be in a position to deliver
Media Xpress Gold (with TVR%) customized
TAM will be notifying the same to the
concerned association (IBF/AAAI/ISA) to help
facilitate a resolution. © For subscribers who
sign the NDA and violate the usage norm
(displaying TVR% data in Public), TAM will be
forced to stop the Media Xpress Gold (with TVR
%) customized software subscription and will
report it to the concerned association (IBF/
AAAI/ISA) to help facilitate a resolution

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